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We are a team of dedicated teachers and instructors who just enjoy teaching.
We are teaching French, Russian and English, along with Math, Art and Culture to accommodate students with multi dimensional interests.
We interest our students and allow them to learn through real life occurrences and events. We involve students in discussion sessions on a certain subject and help them gain confidence to participate in them. It allows them to develop certain social communication skills to help them on their way into the world ahead.
Our language education is ahead of current public school curriculum in terms of grammar, phonics and vocabulary. Our French, Russian and English courses are taught according to syllabus developed by leading professionals in the field.
Our enrichment programs include Art and Music classes. They teach students how to express themselves and help them gain confidence through systematic achievements. Students develop communications skills and build character as well as define themselves in the creative field.
We raise talented mathematicians and abstract thinkers with the help of our Math, Chemistry, Physics, Science and Chess classes. Students all have different styles of comprehension; we catch their strengths and weaknesses and enthusiastically seek new ways to illustrate our materials as clear as possible. With our teaching practices every pupil builds and keeps the knowledge in a way that is suited to him or her – this ensures the retention of the intellectual skills for many years ahead.
Grades are important and falling behind in school can sometimes be catastrophic. Our approach to tutoring is unique in that we first understand what is causing difficulties in comprehension of certain material. Our way to relay the material in organic and our systematic approach has helped every one of our kids overcome their learning barriers.
We also accommodate the younger groups of first time students in our “Getting Ready for School” program. We teach phonics, writing, reading and grammar in short sessions to help pupils transition smoother into their first year in school.
** NEW ** In addition to classes for children, we also provide entertaining and informative computer and information technology classes for seniors.
Please browse through the programs we offer to see which one is best suited for you and your family!

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